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23 July 2009 @ 12:42 pm
Upcoming Projects for Meaghan  
New CNTM website update included an article that had some interesting tidbits about some upcoming projects for Meaghan including possible signings with other agencies (DNA, Why Not, Marilyns), editorial work, and a Fall ad campaign! 

 CNTM winner Meaghan impresses international agents first week on the job

Wednesday, July 22 at 9:00 AM ET

Sheri Block, CTV.ca

Less than 24 hours after officially becoming Canada’s Next Top Model, Meaghan Waller launched her new career with a whirlwind week of media interviews, photo shoots and callbacks from top international agents.

And if the glowing feedback she’s already received is any indication, it won’t be long before Meaghan will be walking the international runway.

“I think she has great potential,” said Tiziana Casali with Why NOT Models in Milan, after seeing Meaghan at Elmer Olsen’s Bootcamp 2 Bigtime. “I hope I see her very soon on the Milano runway.”

“Everyone is loving Meaghan,” added Olsen. “She’s very elegant and she’s very classy looking … she’s got incredible callbacks.”

Day 1: Media Day

Meaghan quickly found out the life of top model would have its sacrifices – the first one being a good night’s sleep.

The day after being named the winner on the final episode of CNTM Cycle 3, Meaghan had a full day of press beginning in the wee hours of the morning.

“I got up at 5:45, going strong until 9 o’clock tonight,” said Meaghan with a smile, halfway through her day.

But after keeping the secret for more than three months, Meaghan was thrilled to finally be able to talk about being on Canada’s Next Top Model and what it meant to win the whole thing. She appeared on everything from Canada AM to the MTV After Show, and talked to countless journalists from across the country.

Day 2: Elmer Olsen’s Bootcamp 2 Bigtime

Canada’s Next Top Model got right down to business and attended a bootcamp put on by her new agency just two days after her win.

Now in its third year, the bootcamp is a chance for up and coming models to learn about the industry.

It’s also an opportunity for the models to be seen by top international agents, who come to the event on their own expense knowing that Olsen’s knack for discovering new faces can’t be matched.

One of the models scouted from last year’s bootcamp, Elise, moved to Paris and has walked the runway for a number of notable designers, including Prada.

During the day, the models received talks from a variety of industry professionals, including Diana Carreiro, a makeup and hair artist with The Artist Group Ltd. She said people would be surprised at how many models don’t come prepared for a shoot and told the new models they have to show up ready to work. They should also bring along their own ‘model bag’ of necessities, which should include a nude bra and thong at the very least.

A great attitude is also a must, says Carreiro, who adds it can often be the deciding factor when considering which girl to book.

Photographer Christopher Wadsworth also spoke to the girls about having a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Wadsworth had previously worked with Meaghan during a CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain challenge on CNTM and said she stood out for him even then.

“She had really nice translucent skin and she has great bone structure but she really impressed me at (The Blonds) fashion show,” said Wadsworth.

The day ended with an exclusive runway show at Toronto’s This is London nightclub, where the agents had a chance to see the models in action.

Dean Rodgers from Marilyns New York was very impressed with Meaghan and said winning Canada’s Next Top Model is a huge advantage for her.

“The other girls, I don’t want to say that they’re green, this is obviously a competition for new girls and the bootcamp is for new girls, (but) Meaghan, you can just see on the stage she’s very confident,” said Rodgers.

Day 3: Callbacks

After rocking the runway at This is London, Meaghan woke up to discover 19 out of the 25 agents attending the bootcamp wanted to meet with her.

“I think she’s fantastic. She’s very beautiful,” said Julie Provenzano with VIVA Model Management in Paris. “She’s got an amazing body, which is very important for this business and she seems to be very well-educated, which is something very important as well.”

Provenzano has attended the bootcamp for the past three years and says she really trusts Olsen’s eye. She also thought winning Canada’s Next Top Model was definitely an advantage for Meaghan and she looked at her more closely because of it.

“She knows how to deal with people and she’s smart. That’s the feeling I have, just after the interview I had with her.”

If Provenzano, who recruited Elise from last year’s bootcamp, decides she wants to work with Meaghan, the opportunities could be endless.

“The girls, they will see all the casting directors so they have a chance to meet people from Prada, from Christian Dior, from Chanel. It can be fast you know.”

So does this mean Meaghan could have a real shot at an international career?

“Yeah, I’m sure,” said Provenzano with a smile.

Helena Suric from DNA Model Management in New York thought Meaghan’s personality complemented her beautiful look on the runway.

“Her personality is absolutely stunning … and in the business, personality is such an important factor. It’s something we at DNA always look for in the girls,” said Suric.

Meaghan said while she was feeling more confident now that the pressure of the CNTM competition was over, she did feel like she was on a whole new playing field, complete with its own set of rules.

“It was a whole new world. It wasn’t Canada’s Next Top Model anymore. It was like the real deal and all these girls are vying for the same thing,” said Meaghan.

Day 4: FASHION Magazine Photo Shoot

For her editorial spread in FASHION Magazine, Meaghan had to put her athletic skills to the test by running and jumping – all in high heels!

The shoot featured seasonal trends for Fall and had the CNTM winner doing a variety of classic fashion poses for the upcoming October issue.

Editor-in-chief Ceri Marsh, who made an appearance on the final episode of Canada’s Next Top Model, said she was very happy with the selects that came back from Meaghan’s shoot.

“They look really, really great. She’s definitely a model,” said Marsh.

Marsh said she had her eye on Meaghan throughout the entire competition, especially after she saw her do the FASHION cover-try, alongside finalists Linsay Willier and Nikita Kiceluck.

“Frankly I was thinking it has to be her. She’s the one. All three girls did a good job that day but the judges really got it right,” said Marsh.

Day 5: Clin D’Oeil Photo Shoot

By Day 5 it was apparent Meaghan was already in high demand. Quebec-based fashion magazine Clin D’Oeil booked her to do a photo shoot for a six-page main editorial spread. Even though it was her scheduled day off, Meaghan jumped at the opportunity.

Day 6: Capezio Photo Shoot

Meaghan’s busy week wrapped up with a shoot for Capezio Shoes’ Fall campaign.

With six different looks and styles of footwear, Meaghan modeled everything from suede platforms to vintage styles inspired by the 60s.

“She was fantastic. Very professional,” said David Markowitz, president and CEO of Capezio. “She switched her poses, she switched her looks, her eye is very focused. She looks right at you in the camera.”

A Canadian company that has had stores in the GTA for more than 30 years, Markowitz is very pleased that Canada’s Next Top Model will be representing their brand.

“To have Meaghan wear our product and emulate the Capezio spirit is just wonderful.”

“So far it’s going really well,” said Meaghan, while getting her makeup touched up for the next shot. “I’m really excited. Love all the outfits, love the shoes.”

The pictures will be featured in Capezio store windows, on their website and in other promotional products beginning in August.

Day 7: Travel Home

As the week wrapped up, Meaghan was looking forward to returning home and finally celebrating her win with her friends and family.

“I’m glad it’s over in a way because I want to go home and rest but I’m having so much fun that I don’t really want it to end at the same time,” said Meaghan.

But it won’t be long before things will be back in full swing.

“I’m walking for sure Toronto Fashion Week and Montreal Fashion Week and possibly going down to New York I’ve heard within the next couple of weeks. It’s all happening very fast,” said Meaghan.

“I’m excited. It’s just the beginning.”

They also updated the Gallery with more images of Meaghan at work if anyone's interested.
I'm pretty excited for Meaghan!


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Personally, I think Meaghan is a bitch. After the way she acted towards Rebecca, and Maryam. Saying that Rebecca wanted to make her throw up. But Meaghan is definitely stunning, so even though she's a bitch, I'm happy for her. =]